I/we declare that when organizing a LARP or LARP-conference I/we have considered how we approach and/or resolve the following issues:


We are going to define what we mean by “emotional safety” – and we will communicate this clearly to our players. 

Background: Often different cultures have different words and understandings of safety-work.


We promise to have a discussion about how we make everyone feel included in our LARP.

Background: We want to be an inclusive community which acknowledge diversity


We want to communicate in a clear, open and compassionate way.

Background: We have discussed how to deal with critique and misunderstandings both on social media and IRL.


We want to make a LARP where player safety is prioritized over “cool scenes and immersion”

Background: Safetywork can be down prioritized or difficult to find time for.


We promise that we have made a procedure for dealing with difficult situations and exclusions (both before and during the LARP) – and to follow this plan regardless of who is involved in the situation. This procedure will be clearly communicated before the LARP.

Background: It can be difficult to deal with bad situations, especially if friends are involved.


We promise to have a discussion about how to empower both organizers and players to set and communicate boundaries. 

Background: It can be difficult to use safety mechanisms if we do not have a culture for doing so.


We promise to assume the best in other people and expect to be treated likewise in return. 

Background: We all fail. This is a process.


I/we are aware that this is a self-certification-manifesto and work-in-progress (my/our signature can be removed at any time). This version (manifesto19 and toolbox19) will be continued on Facebook-group:

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